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Brandywine Creek Chapter, NSDAR

Greenfield, Indiana

Brandywine Creek Chapter, NSDAR,  is located in central Indiana,
in the town of Greenfield.
Founded in 1957, you will find a list of our chapter regents below.

1957-1959Marjorie H Walker
1959-1961Beatrice L Nay
1961-1963Dorothy H Meier
1963-1965Merle L Snyder
1965-1967Ethel W Myers
1967-1969Isabelle Stafford
1969-1970Mary Crider
1970-1973Deihla Mercer
1973-1975Eva Weber
1975-1977Marlene Fontaine
1977-1979Ann Dunnichay
1979-1981Joan Diefenderfer
1981-1983Charlotte Pope
1983-1985Audrey Glenn
1985-1987Judith Walker
1987-1989Marlene Fontaine
1989-1995Joan Tenner
1995-1999Rebecca Teeguarden
1999-2001Mary Hoss
2001-2005Cherie Garver
2005-2009Rebecca Teeguarden
2009-2015Diana Keener
2015-2019Kathryn Judy
2019-2023Ann Schnarr
2023-Bonnie Wooten


* we thank our chapter members for submission of
photos for use on the web site *
* minors shown in photos,
have had parental permission to be shared on our site *